Privacy Policy


Who we are?

We are PRI Entertainment, also known as Phantom Radio Ireland. We are a not-for-profit, online only, radio streaming service.

What personal data we collect?


There are no signups to our website, there are also no cookies to accept. Therefore, we do not collect any data from you. 

What if I text, Whatsapp or email the station?

In that case, we would have your phone number or email address. But…. rest assured, we don’t do anything with them. This information is not stored by us. If you email a query to the station, we delete your information once your query is dealt with. If you have sent a text or Whatsapp message to the station, we delete your message once it has been read.

Additional information

How we protect your data

We protect your data by disposing (deleting) it once we’re finished with it. This doesn’t take long, usually within a couple of hours. 

What third parties do we send your data to?

Absolutely no one. We never send or sell your information to anyone. We have no reason to. It would go against everything we stand for. We want people to be able to listen to our stream in the most seamless of manners, which is why we make it so easy to do so. You never have to sign up to our website, subscribe to a newsletter or accept cookies.