Dave Mooney



The Weekend Warm-Up

with Dave Mooney / DJ EZ-G

Presented on alternating weeks by either Dave Mooney or DJ EZ-G, The Weekend Warm-Up promises to get you ready for your weekend, whatever your weekend has in store for you. Join the action every Thursday from 8pm on your home of dance and alternative music, Phantom Radio.

Born in Drogheda, County Louth, Dave has had an obsession with all things tech for the best part of two decades. Having grown up listening to Eddie Halliwell, Mauro Picotto and the infamous BXR record label, he quickly found his dark, techy, FX driven sound after acquiring his first set of decks aged 21. Taking inspiration from all sides of the dance music scene, his sound quickly grew into a multi-genre bombardment of the senses.

Nowadays, his sets can consist of anything from house/breaks/techno/drum & bass/trance and everything else in between. The only thing that is promised is boat loads of energy, with the possibility of some scratch-tastic FX. His fortnightly shows here on Phantom Radio promises to be no exception. Our advice…. buckle up when “Dave the Rave” is at the wheel!

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